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Maine Science Teachers Awards Program

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The Maine Science Teachers Association is seeking applications for recognition of outstanding science educators in Maine in the following two categories:

  • Philip Marcoux Award (for a non-formal educator)
  • Louis P. Lambert Award (for a formal educator)

Applications are due April 16th. The selection criteria for each award are as follows:

Philip Marcoux Award

The Philip Marcoux Award is designed to recognize non-formal science education professionals who work outside the formal classroom setting and who:

  • makes continuous and enduring contributions to science education;
  • demonstrates capacity for creating and implementing successful science education-related activities;
  • shows creative approaches to improving student achievement in science;
  • makes a permanent contribution to Maine Science Teachers Association by integrating with national initiatives, promoting the science education profession, or providing training and resources to other science education professionals.

Louis P. Lambert Award

The Louis P. Lambert Award is designed to recognize a public or private school teacher who:

  • inspires student achievement in science in a caring, compassionate manner;
  • shows creative approaches in linking student learning to the Science Content Standards of the Maine State Learning Results and Maine‚Äôs Curriculum Framework for Mathematics and Science
  • makes continuous and enduring contributions to science education by integrating with local and state initiatives, promoting science education, and providing training or resources to other science teachers.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact Tonya Prentice at tonya.prentice@mdirss.org

The Selection Process

Applications will be reviewed and ranked and the final approval of award winners by the MSTA Board will take place at the spring MSTA conference. All applicants and the winning nominees will be notified immediately following final selection.