Maine public hearing for the revised science standards Oct. 30th!

Dear MSTA members, 

As you may know the Science and Engineering Standards are under review  for the state of Maine, a process which happens every 5 years. At this point they have been revised and are now open for public comment on the proposed changes. Your voice is critical in advocating for high quality science standards at this time. Unfortunately, time is of the essence. The public comment period runs from October 11th through November 14th, with a public hearing on October 30th at 3pm at the Burton Cross Building in Augusta in room 103.  How can you contribute? Provide written testimony or attend the hearing!

 Written comments may be submitted to DOE Rulemaking Liaison Laura Cyr, State House Station #23, Augusta, Maine 04333; 207-446-8791 or until 5:00 pm November 14, 2023. For documentation purposes, written comments are preferred.

The public hearing for the revised science standards in Rule Chapter 132 will be held in person and virtually on October 30, 2023, from 3:00 pm to 5 pm at the Burton Cross Office Building, located at 111 Sewall Street, Augusta, Maine 04333, Room 600. As space will be limited, participants are encouraged to attend virtually through Zoom, using this link:

Topic: Rule Chapter 132 Public Hearing

Time: Oct 30, 2023 3:00 pm Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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Meeting ID: 878 1068 6789
Passcode: 98277489

The revised Rule Chapter 132 Science Standards can be found here.

The following is a list of of changes that have been made in the new proposed standards:

  • Under each Strand a “Students will” statement has been added
  • Within some of the “Further explanation” sections Wabanaki, Genocide and African America Studies suggested integration/phenomena have been added
  • On the opening page of the Science, Technology, and Engineering Standards “Science as a Human Endeavor” has been added.

Sample written testimony text:


Senator Rafferty, Representative Brennan, and distinguished members of the Joint Standing Committee on Education and Cultural Affairs,


My name is _____ and I have been a teacher for __ years in XXX community/school. 

Maine educators only recently adopted our current set of standards. As an educator for Maine students, I strongly feel this current review should be for egregious errors only. None have been found in the standards. With the fairly recent development of aligned instruction materials, any major shifts would cause a reset to the work that has been done thus far. I remain confident that this set of standards, well implemented, is accurate, correct, and vital for a strong, research-based science education for all Maine students.  Consider adding examples from your classroom/context of current standards impact student learning in your classroom.

It would be extremely beneficial if there was state-wide professional development on understanding and implementing the high-quality science instruction that these standards promote. This has not been provided since the Framework was introduced approximately 10 years ago. Assessments (state, district, and classroom) that are aligned with the three dimensions, are needed and must mirror instruction. In addition, I urge that the MDOE hire and support at least one science education content specialist.

Finally, I also urge that regional science education leadership collaboratives that are rich in teacher leaders, school administrators, higher education faculty, and NGO representatives be established to support and advocate for science learning by all Maine students. 

Thank you.


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